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Aims and Objectives


To coordinate and focus activities in the domains relevant to the space environments field in a manner that enables the optimisation of UK resources and effective collaboration between community members to achieve benefits from space environment R&D not able to be accomplished by any single member or which would otherwise be constrained by limited resources.


  1. To provide a means for the disciplines and industries utilising aspects of the space environment (or analogous environments) to communicate, coordinate and collaborate (C3) for the betterment of the individual, organisation and nation.
  2. To offer a platform for the dissemination of information pertinent and helpful to the sub-communities of the UK Space Environments Association. This information will include details such as member interests, needs and capabilities and funding sources and resources.
  3. To offer a means to aid the establishment of cross-disciplinary partnerships for the pursuit of collaborative projects in the space industry.
  4. To offer a means to find, borrow or hire specialist equipment and facilities required for space environments R&D within the UK.
  5. To offer education and career support to UK students and early career professionals wishing to work or develop a career in the UK (or international) space industry.
  6. To provide support and promotion for innovative applications of space R&D in the terrestrial marketplace.