Purpose of UKSpaceEA

The delegates, organisers and speakers of the 2012 and 2013 UK Space Environments conferences formally agreed to establish a Space Environments Association  in the UK. The purpose of this umbrella organisation is to;

  1. Present to government, research funders and the public, a single, independent and focussed ‘voice’ to represent the space environment  domain(s). 
  2. To document and highlight the size and nature of the community.
  3. To provide a focal point for space environments communication within the UK.
  4. For the benefit of the UK, and the membership itself, UKSEA will coordinate activities and draw upon the capabilities, facilities and experiences of the membership to;
    • Enable inter-organisational facility/equipment lending and hire across domains.
    • Facilitate funding acquisition both through traditional and innovative means. 

To this end a UK Space Environments Association will be established during the course of 2015. The Association will be open to people and organisations working in the UK in education, business, industry and R&D activities related to aspects of the space environment. Typical fields related to space environments R&D are materials research, astrobiology, microgravity physics, astrochemistry, and space life and biomedical sciences.