The UK Space Environments Association is committed to improving communication, collaboration and cooperation across the UK Space Sector.  The purpose of this umbrella organisation is to:

  • Present to government, research funders and the public, a single, independent and focussed ‘voice’ to represent the space environments community.
  • Document and highlight the size and nature of the community.
  • Provide a focal point for space environments communication within the UK.
  • Benefit the UK and the membership itself. UKSEA will coordinate activities and draw upon the capabilities, facilities and experiences of the membership to;
    • Enable inter-organisational facility/equipment lending and hire across domains.
    • Facilitate funding acquisition both through traditional and innovative means.
    • Offer a means for members to market their products to potential customers.

The Association is open to people and organisations working in the UK in education, business, industry and R&D activities related to aspects of the space environment. Typical fields related to space environments R&D are materials research, astrobiology, microgravity physics, astrochemistry, and space life and biomedical sciences.
Web based services on offer to members of the association include access to two innovative online platforms:  The Resource Centre for sharing and accessing equipment, and the Space Solutions Marketplace for advertising R&D output widely across both Space and terrestrial disciplines.